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Give the Gift of Investment – Give Coins

December 10, 2018 0 Comments

Every year, when the holidays roll around, we all scramble to think of interesting gift ideas for family and friends. Children – our own, or our children’s – get lots of attention, but so many of the gifts we give have a very short life. Toys break; technology becomes outdated; clothes wear out or become unfashionable; so, what can we give that will have enduring value? Even better, are there gifts that will increase in value as time goes by? “Yes”, is a simple answer – coins.
The idea of giving someone, especially a child, something of intrinsic value for the metal it is made from, or from its value as a collectors’ item – or perhaps from both – suddenly makes gift giving easy, fun and very worthwhile. Children who are encouraged to have an interest in investment at an early age are much more likely to go on to be financially successful in their lives – or at least develop an interest in coins, which is also worthwhile.
There are three types of coins you can give as Christmas presents – bullion, collector coins, and special Christmas items. Bullion coins, including uncirculated coins, include well-known items like the American Eagle gold or silver coins. These are instantly recognizable and represent the best value in terms of the ratio of purchasing price to melt value – so rises in precious metal prices are quickly reflected as an increase in value of these coins.
Rarer coins, those sought by collectors, may have a price above their melt value, but these coins regularly show impressive gains in value over time (although of course the reverse can sometimes be true too) and have the added benefit of carrying a ‘story’. This makes them more appealing and gives them intrinsic worth. For example, a child or adult interested in history would be thrilled to receive a coin from the past. Ancient coins are especially collectible, for example, coins from the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome are readily available, often modestly priced, and have terrific appeal to history buffs. A silver Tetradrachm from the Seleucid Kingdom, dated back to around 200 BC, makes a pretty impressive gift that is almost certain to increase in value over time – and there are many more such items on the market. Or perhaps a Chinese Trade Dollar from the 19th century, for those with an interest in the Far East.
Smaller children in particular can be tempted to value precious metals with some of the special Christmas gift items that are available from reputable private mints. A Lego lover will be taken by a set of those iconic building blocks in solid silver – and so might the child in every man. A child will also love a silver round showing Santa making up his list of gifts for good children. Usually dated, these items are also a good way to mark the passing seasons – a set of consecutive dates is more likely to have future value than an isolated coin, so make it a seasonal habit to hand them out. –. Perhaps Rudolph has more appeal, or Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Snowmen, or Nativity scenes. You will be surprised at the modest price of some of these items, making them accessible to everyone. Whatever interests the receiver might have, it is pretty easy to find a suitable coin. Items like these may not increase in value as rapidly as ‘serious’ collector coins, or represent such a solid investment as bullion, but hey, it’s Christmas, right? So have some fun too!

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