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SilverTowne Mint

June 30, 2015 0 Comments

Founded in 1949, SilverTowne has been a mainstay in the numismatic community for well over half a century. A true success story, SilverTowne started from a cigar box underneath a lunch counter to a multi-million dollar business that touches all aspects of numismatics and precious metals.

SilverTowne is rare in the industry in that they are a multifaceted company which can produce coins and bullion from start to finish as well as provide an outlet to sell them with their TV Production Company The Coin Vault. Since they are a mint, SilverTowne is most well-known for their highly-intricate bars and rounds, especially their hand-painted series. They are also very popular with smaller organizations as they can produce custom coins and bullion for such organizations as schools, and even the United States Military.



Founded by Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson (better known as Hamie), SilverTowne started out as a small family-run business and to this day has not lost that feel. As Leon has gotten older, his son David has taken on a more prominent role so that the company can continue in its founder’s footsteps.

Started in Winchester, Indiana, Silvertowne has never left. They are still headquartered in Winchester to this day and have expanded their empire with multiple buildings, showrooms, and have even constructed a multi-million dollar TV studio and production facility.


Silvertowne Mint produces some of the finest silver bullion available on the market today and can be found throughout Golden Eagle’s website. Along with their stamped products, Silvertowne’s poured silver bars are also highly sought after and have been popular in the market for the decades.

Silvertowne produces a wide array of designs for their various rounds and bars. Some of their most popular products include the Indian Silver Round, Buffalo Silver Round, and their 1 oz Silvertowne Silver Bar. To tie their heritage together their logo features an iconic Prospector and mule and is widely recognized and sought after throughout the numismatic community.



Golden Eagle has been a retailer of SilverTowne products for decades. We strive to offer a wide variety of their products because their quality is known and trusted throughout the industry. All of our SilverTowne products are shipped in brand new condition and are of .999 purity – many of which come sealed in plastic directly from SilverTowne Mint. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality SilverTowne product from Golden Eagle Coins.

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