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2016 Shawnee 5 oz. Silver America The Beautiful

March 1, 2016 0 Comments

Just released this past week on February 25th is the brand new 2016 Shawnee 5 oz. Silver America The Beautiful Uncirculated coin. This release has been officially tied to the 2016 release of Shawnee National Forest ATB quarter. The new 5 oz. Shawnee ATB is currently limited to a mintage of 30,000 pieces (subject to change).


Like all 5 oz. America The Beautiful coins, the Shawnee is composed of 5 troy ounces of pure .999 fine silver by the United States Mint. The Uncirculated coin carries with it an uncirculated finish as well as the “P” mint mark on the obverse – which is a way to differentiate the coin from the bullion version (although both are struck at the Philadelphia Mint). If you’ve never held a 5 oz. Silver America The Beautiful coin in your hand the size is quite large. At .165 inches thick and 3 inches in diameter it is the same size as a hockey puck, just much thinner.

Although the mintage limit is set at 30,000 pieces, it is subject to change. This is because the overall mintage of this coin is set at 150,000 pieces but that includes both the bullion and uncirculated version of the coins. So if the United States Mint decides that 120,000 units of the bullion version is not enough, it can create more so long as the total of the two coins does not exceed 150,000.


The obverse of the Shawnee ATB coin is the same as all other 5 oz Silver ATB’s featuring the portrait of George Washington by way of John Flanagan’s 1932 design.

The reverse of the coin features a red-tailed hawk soaring above Camel Rock, designed by Justin Kunz and engraved by Jim Licaretz.

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