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America The Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Coin Mintages (2010-2015)

December 29, 2015 0 Comments


With the end of the year approaching, and the final allocations of year 2015 coins having been released, what better time is there than now to revisit the past mintages of all the America The Beautiful 5 oz. coins up to this point – uncirculated as well as bullion formats.

Mintages for the bullion version of 5 oz. America The Beautiful coins have varied greatly throughout the years. The yearly mintages have ranged from as little as 20,000 pieces all the way up to 126,700 pieces. Looking through the population report, it is clear that 2011 is the outlier year with a glut of ATB’s created. But even still the yearly numbers vary greatly, even if you disregard the crazy 2011 mintages.

If you are unaware of the difference, the bullion version of the America The Beautiful 5 oz coins were released by the U.S. Mint directly to their authorized distributors. These Mint Distributors then sold these coins to the public. Because these coins are considered bullion (aka “investments) they were sold in plastic tubes containing 10 tubes. Because these were not sold as numismatic coins, their price was considerably lower than their proof versions. These coins featured an uncirculated finish as well as the Philadelphia “P” Mint Mark. As you look through the mintage numbers you can see why some coins have become more desirable as their low mintage has made them increasingly scarce.

2015_ATB_Saratoga_Unc_obv (1)

America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coin Mintages
2010 Hot Springs 33,000
2010 Yellowstone 33,000
2010 Yosemite 33,000
2010 Grand Canyon 33,000
2010 Mount Hood 33,000
2011 Gettysburg 126,700
2011 Glacier 126,700
2011 Olympic 104,900
2011 Vicksburg 58,100
2011 Chickasaw 48,700
2012 El Yunque 24,000
2012 Chaco Culture 24,400
2012 Acadia 25,400
2012 Hawaii Volcanoes 20,000
2012 Denali 20,000
2013 White Mountain 35,000
2013 Perry’s Victory 30,000
2013 Great Basin 30,000
2013 Fort McHenry 30,000
2013 Mount Rushmore 35,000
2014 Great Smoky Mountains 33,000
2014 Shenandoah 25,000
2014 Arches 22,000
2014 Great Sand Dunes 22,000
2014 Everglades 34,000
2015 Homestead 35,000
2015 Kisatchie 42,000
2015 Blue Ridge Parkway 45,000
2015 Bombay Hook 45,000
2015 Saratoga 45,000


As stated above, the Uncirculated version of the America The Beautiful coins feature the Philadelphia “P” Mint Mark. These numismatic coins had more consistent mintages compared to the bullion version.

America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin Mintages
2010-P Hot Springs 27,000
2010-P Yellowstone 27,000
2010-P Yosemite 27,000
2010-P Grand Canyon 26,019
2010-P Mount Hood 26,928
2011-P Gettysburg 24,625
2011-P Glacier 20,20%6
2011-P Olympic 18,398
2011-P Vicksburg 18,594
2011-P Chickasaw 16,827
2012-P El Yunque 17,314
2012-P Chaco Culture 17,146
2012-P Acadia 14,978
2012-P Hawaii Volcanoes 14,863
2012-P Denali 15,225
2013-P White Mountain 20,530
2013-P Perry’s Victory 17,707
2013-P Great Basin 17,792
2013-P Fort McHenry 19,802
2013-P Mount Rushmore 23,547
2014-P Great Smoky Mountains 24,710
2014-P Shenandoah 28,451
2014-P Arches 28,434
2014-P Great Sand Dunes 24,103
2014-P Everglades 22,732
2015-P Homestead* 20,360
2015-P Kisatchie* 18,901
2015-P Blue Ridge Parkway* 17,474
2015-P Bombay Hook* 17,035
2015-P-Saratoga* 17,754
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