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How Many Coins Are In A Roll?

January 26, 2015 0 Comments

Circulation Coin Rolls

This question can apply to several types of coins, but for our sake we’re going to stick to U.S. coins that in circulation as well as United States bullion coins.

Coins in Circulation

When coins meant for circulation are finished being minted, they are then sent in bulk bags to branches of the Federal Reserve Bank, depots and coin terminals. From here they are wrapped into “rolls” and these rolls are what you would normally see at your local bank.

Cent Rolls: 50 coins; $0.50 value.

Nickel Rolls: 40 coins; $2.00 value.

Dime Rolls: 50 coins; $5.00 value.

Quarter Rolls: 40 coins; $10.00 value.

Half Dollar Rolls: 20 coins; $10.00 value.

Dollar Rolls: 25 coins; $25.00 value.

How Many Silver Eagles in a Tube/Roll?

Silver Eagle Tube

When 1 oz. American Silver Eagles leave the mint, they are package in plastic tubes, also referred to as “rolls.” This nomenclature is a throwback term tied to standard circulation coins that came in paper rolls. Each plastic tube contains twenty (20) 1 oz. Silver Eagles. Then, 25  tubes are placed inside a green plastic box for a total of 500 coins (500 ounces). These green plastic boxes are called “Monster Boxes” in the industry.

Silver Eagle Monster Box

How Many Gold Eagles Are In A Tube/Roll?

2015-1oz-age-unc-obvSimilar to Silver Eagles, American Gold Eagles come from the mint in plastic tubes, or rolls. However, since Gold Eagles come in 4 different sizes (1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/10 ounce) they come in 4 different sizes of tubes and monster boxes. However, each Monster Box contains 500 ounces of gold.


1 oz. American Gold Eagles

Coins per Tube: 20 coins

Tubes per Monster Box: 25 tubes (500 coins)

1/2 oz. American Gold Eagles

Coins per Tube: 40 coins

Tubes per Monster Box: 25 tubes (1,000 coins)

1/4 oz. American Gold Eagles

Coins per Tube: 40 coins

Tubes per Monster Box: 50 tubes (2,000 coins)

1/10 oz. American Gold Eagles

Coins per Tube: 50 coins

Tubes per Monster Box: 100 tubes (5,000 coins)

How Many Gold Buffalos Are In A Tube/Roll?

Gold BuffaloUnlike Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles, American Gold Buffalos come in sheets from the mint. Each 1 oz Gold Buffalo is sealed in a sheet of plastic, and on each sheet are 20 1 oz. American Gold Buffalos.

1 oz. American Gold Buffalos

Coins per Sheet: 20 coins

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