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The All New Platinum Austrian Philharmonic

March 10, 2016 0 Comments

The Austrian Mint has issued a new Vienna Philharmonic coin as the most recent expansion to its universally famous coin range. However, instead of being struck in silver or gold, this new Philharmonic will be struck in pure Platinum. Revealed at the Berlin Coin Fair, the new coin will be the Austrian Mint’s first platinum offering.

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Struck from 999.5 pure platinum, the new Vienna Philharmonic will feature the same universally recognized, award-winning design by Austrian Mint head engraver Thomas Pesendorfer as featured on its gold and silver counterparts. The coin, which is named for the world-popular orchestra, displays a variety of musical instruments on the revers and the organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, the symphony’s home, on the obverse.

“Collectors and investors have long prized our coins, which represent centuries of craftsmanship and tradition,” said Gerhard Starsich, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Austrian Mint. “Expanding into platinum is a natural step for us, and we are especially proud that our inaugural platinum coin features the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic design.”

A standout amongst the top bullion coin ranges around the world, the Vienna Philharmonic series is universally cherished and is considered one of the most popular coins with collectors in Europe, Japan and North America.

The new platinum coin will at first be offered in 1 ounce pieces, and will be sold all throughout Europe as well as abroad in markets including the United States and Japan.

About the Austrian Mint


Touting more than 800 years of experience, the Austrian Mint is known all over the world for top of the line precious metal refining and coin minting. Considered one of the most elite mints, it is a worldwide player in the numismatic field. Because of this rich history, the Austrian Mint has vaulted to the top of its class in Europe and is the most sought after bullion coin in the region. The Austrian Mint’s top item is the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin. Created in five unique sizes, from one ounce to 1/25 of an ounce, the Vienna Philharmonic fits all levels of investing and occasions. Since its inception in 1989 The beauty of the design, pedigree of the mint, and quality of product make the Austrian Philharmonic one of the world’s most beloved and best-selling bullion coins.

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