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What Kind Of 1 oz Silver Bar Should I Buy?

May 12, 2015 0 Comments


Our new customers frequently ask this question when they’re looking to invest in silver. And for the most part, they can’t really go wrong. Investors who buy silver bars are already in a product with a lower premium (silver bars typically are cheaper than silver coins) so choosing a silver bar mainly has to do with personal preference. When choosing a silver bar you want to make sure you’re buying from a reputable dealer, and you’re buying a silver bar that is from a reputable manufacturer.

Are All 1 Ounce Silver Bars Equal?

Yes and no. For the sake of this article, lets just assume that you are buying your silver bars from a reputable dealer and you’re purchasing legitimate, name brand product. With those caveats in place, then yes – every silver bar will contain 1 troy ounce of pure .999 fine silver. The main difference will be the designs on the bar and the premiums. Some companies such as PAMP Suisse produce highly intricate and delicately designed bars (they call them Art Bars) that carry with them a higher premium.

Engelhard 1 oz Silver Bars

Engelhard Silver BarEngelhard is a widely recognized name (arguably the most recognized) in the precious metals industry. Since being formed in the early 1900’s, Engelhard has been producing high quality silver, gold and platinum bars. Originally founded as a refinery, the Engelhard bars came to prominence because of their quality and the fact that they stamped every bar with a serial number and weight. You would be hard pressed to find another more recognized silver bar in the industry.


Johnson Matthey 1 oz Silver Bars

Johnson Matthey Silver BarAlong with Engelhard, Johnson Matthey leads the pack when it comes to silver bullion products. Both companies boast a long history with standout reputations. While both companies stopped producing silver bar decades ago, many investors were thrilled to hear that Johnson Matthey was once again selling bars.

Silvertowne 1 oz Silver Bars

Silvertowne 1 oz Silver BarSilvertowne was founded in 1949 and has been a staple in the numismatic community for that entire time. When you buy a Silvertowne silver bar you know you are receiving a bar minted by a company with decades of experience and made in the USA. Silvertowne is most famous for its Prospector Silver Bars. Growing on that popularity, Silvertowne has branched out to offer all different types of designs.

PAMP Suisse 1 oz Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse 1 oz Silver BarPAMP Suisse silver bars are made in Switzerland. Much like their attention to detail in the watch industry, PAMP Suisse bars are meticulously crafted with every attention paid to the finest details. PAMP bars are considered “art bars” meaning that they are much more than your standard bullion bar. Every bar will have a beautiful design, and much pride is taken in the beauty of metallurgy. Because of this, PAMP Suisse silver bars will be a couple dollar more per bar.

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