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New Pamp Suisse Gold Bars

May 1, 2015 0 Comments

One ounce gold bars are a staple of gold investing. When customers want to get a cheaper premium and avoid gold coins, they often ask what is the best gold bar to purchase. In that conversation, PAMP Suisse is almost always mentioned. This is because PAMP bars are among the most recognized gold bars in the world. Their quality is unsurpassed and many consider their Fortuna design to be a timeless classic.

Lady Fortuna

PAMP Suisse bars are minted in Switzerland – a country known for its attention to detail and minutiae evident with the watch industry. Their name says it all when it comes to what they do: Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux – artistic precious metals products, or PAMP. Their bars are considered artistic pieces of art. Every gold and silver bar they create is meticulously inspected to ensure the standard of excellence is not broken. Even the assay cards that every bar is enclosed in are wonderfully designed and carry an heir of class with them. While a PAMP gold bar may be a couple dollars more than a generic brand, the price you pay, you make up in quality.

The most famous design, and what ushered PAMP to notoriety is their Lady Fortuna design. Standard PAMP Suisse bars come adorned with Lady Fortuna – the first artistic design to ever decorate a precious metals bar. Lady Fortuna (the Roman goddess of Fortune) is depicted blindfolded with a cornucopia of fruit. This signifies a ositive aspect of good luck.

This year for 2015, PAMP is expanding on their gold bar product line and releasing the Faith Series of bars. These gold bars include:

Pamp Suisse Romanesque Cross Bar


Pamp Suisse Romanesque Cross



Pamp Suisse Ka’bah, Mecca Bar

Pamp Suisse Ka'bah Mecca


Pamp Suisse Buddha Bar

Pamp Suisse Buddha Bar



Pamp Suisse Lakshmi Bar

Pamp Suisse Lakshmi Bar



Am Yisral El Hay!

Pamp Suisse Am Yisrael

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