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How To Ship Gold and Silver Bullion Securely

January 12, 2015 0 Comments

USPS Registered Mail

While you can ship gold and silver via any method you please, there is one way that is the preferred method in the industry; United States Postal Service Registered Mail.

Why Use Registered Mail?

USPS Registered Mail is the U.S. Postal Services most secure method of shipping. With Registered Mail you can insure a single package for up to $25,000.00 dollars! Conversely, USPS Priority Mail is only covered for up to $5,000 dollars in insurance.

What about UPS and FedEx?

Most customers who are familiar with online shopping are usually baffled that bullion dealers are using USPS. Everyone who shops on Amazon is used to seeing UPS or FedEx boxes arrive at their homes so that has become the standard in the eyes of the consumer. However, what most people don’t know is that UPS and FedEx do not offer insurance for precious metals. The only way bullion can be insured through UPS and FedEx is if you have a private 3rd-party insurance policy.

Why Is Registered Mail The Industry Standard?

What sets USPS Registered Mail apart from other carriers is that it employs a “Chain Of Custody” process that includes end-to-end security procedures whereby packages are stored in locked containers at each Post Office stop.

When you give your Registered Mail package containing gold or silver bullion to the post office agent, that particular agent has to literally sign their name to the document stating that they’ve taken custody of your package. As your package makes its way through the postal system and changes hands, each post office agent that takes possession of your package has to sign their name thus accepting liability. This continues all the way until the package is delivered whereby an adult signature is required.

USPS Registered Mail Sticker

In the event a Registered Mail package goes missing (extremely rare) the last post office clerk who signed for it is held responsible. The U.S. Post Master Inspector will investigate the case and interrogate the chain of custody for the missing package. If it is found that a postal employee has committed fraud, that employee will lose their job and forfeit their entire pension.

Because of this added layer of security and accountability, very few Registered Mail packages go missing. We’ve been in business for 41 years and in our experience, Registered Mail is safe and effective nearly 100% of the time. We’ve had very few Registered Mail packages that have gotten lost – we could probably count them on 2 hands. Conversely, because of this added layer of security, Registered Mail packages take between 5 and 7 business days to reach their destination.

Not only is Registered Mail used in the bullion business, but diamond dealers also use Registered Mail to ship their precious stones. The United States government also uses Registered Mail for classified information up to the 2nd-highest classification level.

When shipping your gold and silver bullion, be sure to choose USPS Registered Mail!

USPS Registered Mail Form 3806

Some Tips For Shipping USPS Registered Mail

  • Make sure to secure your package’s contents. Tape up silver and securely package gold so there is no rattling or noise.
  • If possible, put your package within a USPS Flat Rate box to save on shipping costs.
  • Be sure to use brown tape on all of the package’s seams to prevent tampering and failure (almost all package failure occurs at a seam).
  • Use USPS Form 3806 to fill out your Registered Mail package’s information.

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